While monetary gifts are the most direct way of supporting Woodside Sanctuary from an operations point, there are many day to day items that are always needed. We welcome any gift; your kindness will go a long way in assisting us to take care of our residents.

We are in dire need of a Vehicle suitable for transporting our disabled/ wheelchair restricted residents. At present this is particularly difficult and places quite a big challenge on us in terms of transporting our residents to and from the hospital and for outings.


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Occupational Therapy – Cookie Cutter, Stencils, Muffin Maker, Baking ingredients (or money towards purchase), Music and CDs with Action Songs (variety), Non-Toxic powder paint, Small wood glue, Wool, Acetone to remove nail polish, Nail files, Birthday Decorations, Face Paint, Donate towards residents outings, Hand Cream, Lavender and aromatherapy oils.


Remedial Teaching – Stickers (different types), A4 Colour Boards (various colours), Scrap paper, Non-toxic paint (all colours), Music CDs (various), Plastic table cloths, Fisher Price Toys / Gadgets e.g. screws, blocks etc, Sensory fidget toys, Spiky tactile rings and bands, kinetic sand, Donate towards new toys and activities for residents.


Physiotherapy – Video camera (for record keeping and recording residents progress), Towels, Pillows, Radio / CD Player, installation of various physiotherapy equipment (basketball net, moveable steps), Cut tyres planted as seats in the garden (painted various colours), long shoe laces, recovering of Shonaquip Wheelchair Buggies, put in blinds / curtains for the department.


Kitchen – Bowl Cutter/ Chopper (for purity diets), 3-tier trolleys, plastic bowls/ plates and plastic mugs, stainless steel dessert spoons, large snackwich toaster, fridge X2, deep freeze, microwave X2, toaster X3, 20L or 30L large water urns, Kettles X3, Dish clothes, Dishing up spoons, Soup ladles, Steel wool


Laundry – Laundry Trolleys/ crate cages, plastic cups for measuring detergents, large plastic ice baths (to place clean laundry), plastic gloves and aprons, surgical masks, washing pegs


Cleaners – Feather Dusters, Mops, Spraying Canisters, Rubber Gloves and Toilet Brushes, Domestos, Handy Andy, Harpic toilet cleaner, Jeyes Fluid, Pledge furniture cleaner, Metholated spirits, Buckets, Brooms, Cleaning cloths, refuse bags, Dustpan and brush, Scrubbing brushes


Nursing (wards) –  Chairs (plastic or with plastic covered cushions), Medicine and Soiled Nappy Trolleys, Measuring jugs, Urine test glasses, Plastic water-protection covers for single beds, and Standard Adult Wheelchairs, Hairdryers, Hairbrushes, Bath plugs, Bath sponges, Doom mosquito coils, Nappy pins, Nail brushes, Shaving razors, Torches


Nursing (medical) – Soflex tablets x 100 weekly, Panado tablets and syrup, Zinc and Castor ointments, Cough mixture, Multi-vitamin syrup, Chloromex ointment, Bactroban ointment, Jelonette gauze, Milton Containers, Milton Sterilization solution, Saline solution 9%, Sutures – cliniton 3/0 code 6324RC, Micropore all sizes, Op-site all sizes, Crepe bandages, mercurochrome, paper towel rolls, tissues, plastic gloves and aprons and surgical masks


Residents Toiletries – Shampoo and Conditioner, Bath Soap: anti- bacterial bars, Vaseline, Roll On, Colgate Toothpaste, Disposable Shavers/ Razors, Air Freshener, Sponges, Tooth Brushes, Aqueous Cream, Disposable Nappies Children and Adults Med /Large/ X-Large, Ear Buds 100 pack, Cotton wool Ball Packs, Fissan Paste, Baby Powder, Disposable nappies, Eye drops, Sun screen, Tissues, Shaving foam, Toilet paper, Under arm roll-on, Wet wipes