Help bring joy, love and security to a resident who has to depend on the compassion of others for their care and treatment by sponsoring one of our angels. When you sponsor a child at Woodside Sanctuary with a regular monthly contribution, you receive a photograph and brief case history of your ‘angel’ and a Certificate of Appreciation.

The full cost of caring for a resident at Woodside Sanctuary is R9186.00 per month and covers everything your child needs; food, shelter, 24-hour care, clothes, medication, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, music therapy and remedial teaching.
We welcome part sponsorship gifts of any amount towards these costs. All donations to Woodside Sanctuary are deductible in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act.

Heidi McLeod


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One of Woodside Sanctuary’s most memorable residents is Heidi McLeod. Heidi was born on the 13th of July 1962, and was admitted to Woodside when she was one month and 14 days old. Heidi has been living at Woodside, in our full care for her entire life, she is now 52 years old.
Heidi has Down Syndrome as well as a rare Dwarfism called Russell-Silver Syndrome. Russell-Silver Syndrome is a growth disorder characterised by slow growth before and after birth. Babies with this condition have a low birth weight and often fail to grow and gain weight at the expected rate. Head growth rate is normal, however, so the head may appear usually large compared to the rest of the body. As a result of her Russell-Silver Syndrome, Heidi has a small, triangular face with distinctive facial features including a prominent forehead, a narrow chin, a small jaw, and down-turned corners of the mouth.
Heidi’s parents have had little or no contact with her since her placement at Woodside. Heidi also has a brother (who has never seen her) and a younger sister who only visited once many years ago. Heidi has become such a ‘big’ part of Woodside; we have all become her family, and we all love her dearly. She knows everyone and everything at Woodside, and is always incredibly curious when we have functions and visitors.