Access to care

All Woodside Sanctuary residents have access to the following services: – Medical Assessment – Medical Practitioner – Prescription of treatment – Review of Medication – Nursing care plans – Daily monitoring – Psychiatric assessment – Occupational...


Occupational Therary

Daily activities are used to treat physical and emotional/mental problems Aims to: ·         Prevent further deformities of the upper body ·         To maintain and improve physical and mental wellness ·         To provide adequate stimulation;...


Music and Stimulation

Music Aim: Socialization Gross- motor movement Sensory stimulation   Stimulation Center Respite care: Admission to give the family a rest Children that attend other schools’ facilities that are closed during school holidays; and Family-crisis, death...

Physio Treatments


Physiotherapy Aim: Improve muscle tone Prevent contractions and deformities Teach walking and positioning Treatment of chest problems/respiratory problems; and Teach residents to assist in feeding themselves.