The Story of
Woodside's Angels

Let’s whisk you away to a land not so far, far away… Nestled in the heart of Johannesburg, lies a home for the most unique people in the world. A special place some call home… Where they are loved, taken care of and where they are able to reach their full potential.

Bridging a better world for them…

Come and take a sneak peek into the magical world of Woodside Sanctuary, where a team tasked with the most precious job (to look after the most special angels with extraordinary needs), our certified Angel Carers, who have big hearts full of undying love for all who reside at the Sanctuary. Woven like a gigantic beautiful blanket, are the souls of the angels at Woodside… Those who have passed and those who are still around. A community of love and everlasting joy, filled with renewed hope for humanity and togetherness.

Get ready to indulge and get personal with our earthly angels. Let us take you through each angel’s journey to this special home and their endless adventures!

These are the stories of Woodside’s angels…

Belinda's Story

Blessing's Story

Charlie's Story

Christa's Story

David's Story

Gareth's Story

Heidi's Story

Henry's Story

Herman's Story

Hugo's Story

Jacqueline's Story

Jonathan's Story

Lebo's Story

Lia's Story

Linda's Story

Mangaliso's Story

Mario's Story

Melinda's Story

Natasha's Story

Nicole's Story

Paul's Story

Richard's Story

Tebogo's Story

Theunis's Story

Trevor's Story

Ysanne's Story