The Story of
Woodside's Angels

Nestled in the heart of Johannesburg, lies a home for some of the most vulnerable and marginalised people in our society, those with profound intellectual and physical disabilities. A special place, a special homeā€¦ Where they are loved, and taken care of and where they can reach their full potential.

Meet the residents who are sheltered and cared for within our Sanctuary, and learn more about them and who they are by reading their stories. See what Woodside means to each of our special children and why we must Save Our Sanctuary so that they will always have a place of safety and security.

These are the stories of those who call Woodside home.

Belinda's Story

Blessing's Story

Charlie's Story

Christa's Story

David's Story

Gareth's Story

Heidi's Story

Henry's Story

Herman's Story

Hugo's Story

Jacqueline's Story

Jonathan's Story

Lebo's Story

Mangaliso's Story

Melinda's Story

Natasha's Story

Nicole's Story

Paul's Story

Richard's Story

Tebogo's Story

Theunis's Story

Trevor's Story

Ysanne's Story