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The full cost of caring for a resident at Woodside is R12 190.00 per month and covers food, shelter, 24-hour care, clothes, medication, physiotherapy, occupational & therapy.

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We provide unmatched transparency and accountability to our donors by publishing frequent reports on how we use donations. We rely on support from people like you to fulfill our cause.

Gifts In Kind

While monetary gifts are the most direct way of supporting Woodside Sanctuary from an operations point, there are many day to day items that are always needed.

Run for Woodside

If you’re running a marathon or participating in any other sporting or social event; why not use the opportunity to raise money for the residents at Woodside Sanctuary?


Sponsor A Child


Help bring joy, love and security to a resident who has to depend on the compassion of others for their care and treatment by sponsoring one of our angels. When you sponsor a child at Woodside Sanctuary with a regular monthly contribution, you receive a photograph and brief case history of your 'angel' and a Certificate of Appreciation.

The full cost of caring for a resident at Woodside Sanctuary is R15,000.00 per month and covers everything your child needs; food, shelter, 24-hour care, clothes, medication, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, music therapy and remedial teaching.

We welcome part sponsorship gifts of any amount towards these costs. All donations to Woodside Sanctuary are deductible in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act.

Please click here to sponsor a Resident online or download the sponsorship form, complete and return to us at: Postnet Suite 340, Private Bag x 9, Melville 2109 or email

Heidi McLeod

One of Woodside Sanctuary’s most memorable residents is Heidi McLeod. Heidi was born on the 13th of July 1962, and was admitted to Woodside when she was one month and 14 days old. Heidi has been living at Woodside, in our full care for her entire life.

Heidi has Down Syndrome as well as a rare Dwarfism called Russell-Silver Syndrome. Russell-Silver Syndrome is a growth disorder characterised by slow growth before and after birth. Babies with this condition have a low birth weight and often fail to grow and gain weight at the expected rate. Head growth rate is normal, however, so the head may appear usually large compared to the rest of the body. As a result of her Russell-Silver Syndrome, Heidi has a small, triangular face with distinctive facial features including a prominent forehead, a narrow chin, a small jaw, and down-turned corners of the mouth.

Heidi’s parents have had little or no contact with her since her placement at Woodside. Heidi also has a brother (who has never seen her) and a younger sister who only visited once many years ago. Heidi has become such a ‘big’ part of Woodside; we have all become her family, and we all love her dearly. She knows everyone and everything at Woodside, and is always incredibly curious when we have functions and visitors.

To sponsor Heidi, click below:

Run For Woodside

Are you sporty? Do you love giving back? If you’ve answered YES to our questions, then you are the perfect person for us!

If you're running a marathon or participating in any other sporting or social event; why not use the opportunity to raise money for the residents at Woodside Sanctuary?

It will bring joy and a sense of achievement knowing that you're helping to better someone’s life. Simply go to Doit4Charity or BackaBuddy and set up a fundraising page, with Woodside Sanctuary as the beneficiary. Add a photo of yourself and a message to encourage your family and friends to support you. Any money you raise will come to us, you don't have to handle cash; and you can see who's supporting you by visiting your page on a regular basis.

Become a Volunteer!

Make a difference in someone’s life today.

Most of us get great satisfaction from doing good, helping to make the world a better place by changing the lives of others less fortunate than ourselves. We’ve all heard that it is better to give than to receive. To know that you are helping to make someone’s life just a little bit easier, and making them feel special, is an incredible feeling.

Woodside Sanctuary is in need of assistance with the following:

  • - Musical therapy
  • - Podiatrist
  • - Hair Cutting
  • - Nail Technician
  • - Speech & Language Therapy
  • - Dental Health Care
  • - Hydrotherapy
  • - Medizone therapy

Fill in the contact form and we’ll be in contact with you soon!

Join The 500 Club

Sign up today and stand a chance of winning guaranteed cash prizes totalling R20 000!

Membership: R50 per month or R600 per annum

The draws are held bi-monthly (6 draws throughout the year)

  • - Guaranteed cash prizes of R15 000, R3500, R1500, which will be awarded every 2nd month.
  • - Ticket sales and Membership are ongoing
  • - Prize winners will be notified by email and in writing. Names are published in a 2-monthly newsletter distributed to all club members.
  • - The draw takes place on the last Friday of every 2nd month.
  • - Tickets/Tokens may not be purchased by any person who is in the employee of Woodside Sanctuary or by anyone who is under 18 years of age.

Gifts In Kind

While monetary gifts are the most direct way of supporting Woodside Sanctuary from an operations point, there are many day to day items that are always needed. We welcome any gift; your kindness will go a long way in assisting us to take care of our residents.

We are in dire need of a Vehicle suitable for transporting our disabled/ wheelchair restricted residents. At present this is particularly difficult and places quite a big challenge on us in terms of transporting our residents to and from the hospital and for outings.

Occupational Therapy – Cookie Cutter, Stencils, Muffin Maker, Baking ingredients, Music and CDs with Action Songs (variety), Non-Toxic powder paint, Small wood glue, Wool, Acetone to remove nail polish, Nail files, Birthday Decorations, Face Paint, Hand Cream, Lavender and aromatherapy oils.

Remedial Teaching – Stickers (different types), A4 Colour Boards (various colours), Scrap paper, Non-toxic paint (all colours), Music CDs (various), Plastic table cloths, Fisher Price Toys / Gadgets e.g. screws, blocks etc, Sensory fidget toys, Spiky tactile rings and bands, kinetic sand, Donate towards new toys and activities for residents.

Physiotherapy – Video camera (for record keeping and recording residents progress), Towels, Pillows, Radio / CD Player, installation of various physiotherapy equipment (basketball net, moveable steps), Cut tyres planted as seats in the garden (painted various colours), long shoe laces, recovering of Shonaquip Wheelchair Buggies, put in blinds / curtains for the department.

Kitchen – Bowl Cutter/ Chopper (for purity diets), 3-tier trolleys, plastic bowls/ plates and plastic mugs, stainless steel dessert spoons, large snackwich toaster, fridge X2, deep freeze, microwave X2, toaster X3, 20L or 30L large water urns, Kettles X3, Dish clothes, Dishing up spoons, Soup ladles, Steel wool.

Laundry – Laundry Trolleys/ crate cages, plastic cups for measuring detergents, large plastic ice baths (to place clean laundry), plastic gloves and aprons, surgical masks, washing pegs

Cleaners – Feather Dusters, Mops, Spraying Canisters, Rubber Gloves and Toilet Brushes, Domestos, Handy Andy, Harpic toilet cleaner, Jeyes Fluid, Pledge furniture cleaner, Metholated spirits, Buckets, Brooms, Cleaning cloths, refuse bags, Dustpan and brush, Scrubbing brushes.

Nursing (wards) – Chairs (plastic or with plastic covered cushions), Medicine and Soiled Nappy Trolleys, Measuring jugs, Urine test glasses, Plastic water-protection covers for single beds, and Standard Adult Wheelchairs, Hairdryers, Hairbrushes, Bath plugs, Bath sponges, Doom mosquito coils, Nappy pins, Nail brushes, Shaving razors, Torches.

Nursing (medical) – Soflex tablets x 100 weekly, Panado tablets and syrup, Zinc and Castor ointments, Cough mixture, Multi-vitamin syrup, Chloromex ointment, Bactroban ointment, Jelonette gauze, Milton Containers, Milton Sterilization solution, Saline solution 9%, Sutures – cliniton 3/0 code 6324RC, Micropore all sizes, Op-site all sizes, Crepe bandages, mercurochrome, paper towel rolls, tissues, plastic gloves and aprons and surgical masks.

Residents Toiletries – Shampoo and Conditioner, Bath Soap: anti- bacterial bars, Vaseline, Roll On, Colgate Toothpaste, Disposable Shavers/ Razors, Air Freshener, Sponges, Tooth Brushes, Aqueous Cream, Disposable Nappies Children and Adults Med /Large/ X-Large, Ear Buds 100 pack, Cotton wool Ball Packs, Fissan Paste, Baby Powder, Disposable nappies, Eye drops, Sun screen, Tissues, Shaving foam, Toilet paper, Under arm roll-on, Wet wipes.

Sponsor a Birthday Party

Birthdays are a very special time at Woodside Sanctuary, they are celebrated with a party and with 94 residents, there's a birthday to celebrate almost every day!

We welcome all contributions to the party, you might like to consider sponsoring a birthday party by providing:

  • - a birthday cake
  • - cup cakes
  • - chocolate
  • - ice cream (in tubs - no lollies or cones)
  • - chips (soft types like Cheese Curls/Flings)
  • - soft sweets (no boiled sweets or suckers)
  • - cool drink (fizzy or fruit juice)

Please contact us on 011 726 7318 if you would like to sponsor a birthday party, or click the link alongside to contribute any amount towards the cost of caring for our residents.

Sign up to MySchool

With the MySchool app or card, you help us raise money every time you shop.

This is another way to help support the residents of Woodside Sanctuary without spending a cent extra. All you need to do is simply download the MySchool app from your app store or apply for a MySchool card, naming us as the beneficiary, scan your code from your phone (using the app), or swipe your card every time you shop at Woolworths, Engen, Wimpy, Spur, ToysRUs, and other participating retailers.

The MySchool app and card simply track transactions made at the till, and it allocates a proportion of the sale to the nominated charity or cause. Over R6 million is raised per month for schools, charities, and social concerns such as education, disability, youth development, animal protection, and environmental protection.

You will also find a full list of participating stores on the MySchool website.

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